We Eagerly Await Your Visit

The best way to experience Father’s House is to attend a Sunday celebration service.   While Father’s House is much more than a Sunday gathering, the Sunday celebration is a great reflection of God’s work in our church family.  We know that going to a new church for the first time can be an intimidating–even daunting–experience, especially during the COVID crisis.  We at Father’s House want to make your visit a great one, so here is some information to help you plan your visit.



Our Sunday service begins at 2:00 PM, but feel free to come a bit earlier and meet some friendly people who love to meet. Father’s House is located on the campus of Portland State University in downtown Portland; there you will not only find our Sunday gathering space but also our offices.  However, because the University is temporarly shut down, we are currently holding our in person services at Westside Vineyard Church  located at 5656 SW Humphrey Blvd, Portland.



Follow the signs to the entrance of Westside Vineyard Church  parking lot.  There is plenty of parking in the parking lot.  



For ensure grater safety during COVID, we are holding our services outside in the patio area next to the church.  We ask our guest how are sensitive to the sun to put on Sun block and possibly wear a hat during the summer months.  Dress according to the weather.


Our worship has one purpose:  to honor and love Jesus as we encounter His presence together.  So we begin by singing with the band; the lyrics to all the songs are projected on a screen, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the words.  After the worship part, we normally spend a few minutes sharing what’s happening in and around Father’s House.  Then one of the pastors will give an encouraging and hope-filled message from the Bible.   



We believe church should be relevant and fun for kids, so we make this a priority at “City Kids.”  We also prioritize the safety of your children, so we invite you to accompany your child to their class where you will check them in.  Our secure system ensures that only you can drop them off and pick them up. The program runs during the message portion of the service and you are more than welcome to have your children join in with City Kids.  This is for children 2 years old to 5th grade.


At this time we are limited in how many can attend, it’s helpful for us to know you like to come and visit, so we ask that you please fill out the form below.  We want to be prepared to help your visit be wonderful and enriching.  You are welcome to fill out a form to let us know when you’ll be visiting.  Please feel free to ask questions.