New Website Launches This Week

This week we launch our new website!  This website is a new kind of site what works more like social media sites such a Facebook or Instagram is an much that you scroll down to access the most important pages on the sites.   This makes it very easy to find the most important and vital information quickly.  If you are accessing the site on a computer, you are greeted with a autoplaying, full page, beautiful video with our motto “In Portland as it is in Heaven”.  If you access the site on a mobile device there is a still picture of video with that motto.  Then as you scroll down you will see vital information most people would want to find about our church with many links to detailed information such as our small groups, ministry activities and church departments.

Father’s House Offices Move

The Father’s House office move this Tuesday from the Koinonia House to the PSU Universities Services Building which is next door.  This is the building that contains the parking structure that most people use on Sunday.  Our last day at the K-House will be on Tuesday and our first day operating at the USB building office will be on Wednesday.  Now during this process our phone will be disconnected for up to 2 weeks.  During this time we will have a temporary number through which you can reach us, this number is the number of the Transformation Network.  That number is 503-933-9418.   If you do not reach us when calling us, please leave your message at that number and we will return your call.  Your patience and prayers are appreciated for the next several weeks as we settle into this much smaller temporary office while PSU looks for a more permanent place for us.

Small Groups This Week

This is our In Community week, so we are meeting in small groups throughout the Metro area.  To find out when and where the groups meet and what they are all about, please go to
 Stay up to date with all that happening this week as we kick off our In Community Small Groups this week.   Go to