Our Mission is Transformation

The mission of Father’s House is to establish the Kingdom of God, releasing His favor to people, cities, regions and nations.

Father’s House City Ministries was planted as a church with the vision and passion to see the Kingdom of God transform our city, for Portland to become a place that releases life, healing and salvation to the world.   Our culture is characterized by passionate worship, God’s presence, mission work starting with our city first, supernatural encounters releasing healing and life, and the honor of all people.

We seek to live as a family on mission.  As a family in Jesus, we gather on Sundays to celebrate the goodness of God in our lives and to become empowered to live as Jesus would in our world.  We also strengthen our church family through small groups that meet on the “Family” weeks for fellowship, establishing deeper connections, and to encourage one another.  

We also live to be “On Mission” to our world, to care for the poor and broken, to demonstrate the goodness of God, and live out the gospel in God’s power and demonstrating love to all.   On the “On Mission” weeks we have a variety of outreaches that we are involved with.  But we don’t just live on mission through organized outreaches, but also by living a lifestyle of love and service to others everywhere we go.

As a church we honor the call for us to worship and serve at the heart of the city of Portland.   We believe that if you can serve, influence and affect the cultural center of our region, then we can see revival and reformation impact the entire metro area.  For this reason we focus many ministries right in downtown Portland.

Our Guiding Core Values

  • The presence of God is central to all we are and do.
  • Living from Heaven to Earth is our commission.
  • We are dependent on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.
  • All people have been created by God in His image and are called to become sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God, so we will value and love people unconditionally.
  • We live out the Isaiah 58 mandate to serve the poor and oppressed, and the Isaiah 61 mandate to bring good news, freedom to the captive and restoration to the sick and hurting.

If you are interested in our Statement of Faith, you can download it by clicking here.