Internship Application

If you are interested in talking to our Internship mentors, please feel free to reach out and connect with either Ty or Daneen Bottler at  and   They love to answer your questions, share with you more of our heart and intent for this internship.  If you are ready to apply just click on the button below and the application will download as a Text document.  Simply fill it out, then mail to the address given below.   You can return it to us several ways.
1. Fill out on computer, print then then scan using scanner or a phone scan app then email it to
2.  Fill out on a computer, print and then mail it to Ty Bottler, PO Box 8561, Portland, OR  97201
Ty and Daneen Bottler are official mentors for 3rd year BSSM students and Father’s House regularly partners with BSSM to host ministry teams in Portland.  You will find the culture of our church a place that feels like home for you.   For question on our 3rd year opportunity, the schedule, exceptions and more, please contact Ty at