Senior Leadership Team

Steve and Deborah Trujillo
Senior Leaders, Elders
Steve & Deborah are the founding pastors and serve as the senior leaders of Father’s House.  They are prophetic visionaries who see the big picture and implement Spirit led strategies.  They carry a passion for the presence of God and have given their lives to father and mother people into their God-given call and purpose. 
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Ty & Daneen Bottler
Senior Associate Leaders, Elders
Ty serves as the Executive Pastor and has direct oversight over the Worship, Pastoral and Internship Departments.  Daneen serves as the overseer of the Prayer and Prophetic ministries and also works on administration.  To find out more about their ministry you can go to
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Tom & Dana Fitzgerald
Mission Leaders, Elders
Tom leads the Missions department at Father’s House. He oversees Heal the Land Ministry which has impacted thousands of people across four continents, and he is also a strategist at Father’s House.  Dana serves along with Tom overseas and also leads the Spiritual Development Department. Find out more about Heal the Land by clicking here.
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Tim and Clarene Bottler
Evangelism, Family Ministries, Elders
Tim oversees our Evangelism and Outreach Teams as well as the Sunday service teams.  Clarene is active in outreach but also directly oversees the  Family Ministry and Children’s Ministry teams of Father’s House. 
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